Vegas is a place where you can have a lot of fun by gambling legally. There are so many casinos that you can try. However, for some of us, Vegas is out of our reach. Thanks to betsoft, you can feel the sensation of having weekend in Vegas by playing the slot game. Here are several Weekend in Vegas slot betting strategies that may be useful.

Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies

Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies
Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies
  • Use the Bonuses from Symbols as Much as You Can

In this game, you should pay attention on several symbols such as police car scatters, Las Vegas wilds, and the money wheel bonus. Those symbols are important for you to get more bonus. As you know scatter symbol will lead you to additional money if there are any other symbol on the screen, wilds symbol will lead you to something beneficial, and money wheel bonus will give you certain amount of money by rolling the wheel.

  • Use the Beneficial Feature

You also can get the bonus round and also double-up feature. You can use these helpful feature by having certain symbols in certain amount in one of your paylines. The bonus round will lead you to the bonus stage that will give your free spins or money. If you want to activate this bonus round, you should have the three characters or three of a character symbol in your paylines, they are Loony Larry, Balanced Ben, and Cautious Chris. Each character will give you different experience in the bonus round, exciting right?

You will get re-spin feature if you get one of the characters in reel number two until four. This will definitely allow your chance increased in the second screen bonus that will lead you to other continuous winning. This bonus screen will only appear with the combination of the characters symbols.

The double-up feature will give you a beneficial thing. To make this feature available, you should have combo winning the double-up button will show up and you can click it to enter other bonus round. In this round you should choose whether the coin that will be tossed will end or tails or heads. If you can guess correctly, you can double your winning money.

  • Place your Bet Wisely

In this game, you can arrange your bet in detail. You can choose the range for each coin that you will place as bet for each payline. You can also control on how many coins that you will use for every payline. There is also max bet button that will help you to automatically maximize the bet.

Besides of those features, you can also get the advantage from the autoplay button. You can play several times without change in the amount of betting. The program will do it automatically. You can also use the double button after having combo winning.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun by using Weekend in Vegas slot betting strategies. You will definitely get the best experience in playing slot games just like spending your weekend in Vegas for real.

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