As we know, Baccarat game is one of the most popular casino game since it is an old casino game. Many people still go into it because it is a simple game with high profit. It has a low house edge so that it will be beneficial for the player. In baccarat game, there is three wagers which are the player, the banker and tie bet. Each bet has different possibility of winning the game. So, let’s talk about the best tips to win and the possibility of winning in tie bet on baccarat and other bets also.

The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat

The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat
The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat

Baccarat House Edge

Each bet has different house edge percentages. The house edge percentage for the player bet is 1.36%, the banker bet is 1.17%, and the tie bet is 14.4%. In every 100 games of Baccarat, the banker bet may win 50.68 times while the player bet will win 49.32 times. The result comes from the house edge percentage against the player bets. As mentioned before, the house edge is low compared to the other casino games. However, if you place your bet on the banker, the 5% commission will be taken away.

Baccarat Probabilities

Each bet has different probability since the house edge is also vary. Among all bet, player bet will have a payoff of even money in the probability of 1:1. Nevertheless, the possibility of winning for player bet is about 44.6%. On the other hand, the banker bet has 95:1 probability since the 5% commission is applied. Therefore, the banker bet still becomes the safest bet since it has 45.86% chance of winning the game.

Somehow, online and live casino like to make the players choose the tie bet. In the tie bet, the casino will pay with 9:1 or 8:1 odds. It gives a chance to the player to make the small bet into large payout. Nonetheless, the return will be high since the possibility of winning tie bet is very low. The probability is 9.5% only which means 84% chance of losing the game for tie bet.

Six Deck Probabilities

In some casinos, the six decks cards is preferable when playing Baccarat. For most players, the adjustment of deck size will change the probabilities. As a fact, the probabilities in six deck is different compared to the eight deck game. The difference is not big and it only different in less than single percent. In six deck cards Baccarat game, the probability of winning the game for banker bet is 45.9%, player bet is 44.6% and the tie bet is 9.5%. Among the three bets, the banker bet has a significant different compared to the eight deck cards. In the six deck game, the possibility of winning the game is 45.9% while for the eight deck is 45.86%.

Baccarat Tips

Because baccarat is about probability, it is better for the player to have a good knowledge about the possibility itself. Either for the six or eight deck game, the best odds will always come from the banker bet. However, casinos will tempt the player to choose the tie bet instead because it will be more beneficial for the casino.

Basically, among the three bets, the best bet is always the banker bet because the probability of winning the game is the highest. Tie game is good yet not the least best among the other bets. It is seen from the possibility of winning in tie bet on baccarat.

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