Whether it is in land based casino or online casino, slot games gain its popularity among gamblers. Slot is a simple game which does not require a complicated strategy or calculation. Understanding the game and having a little luck will help you to gain much cash. So it is good to play in a good slot game. Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme is the example of slot game.

Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme

Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme
Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme

What is Pipezillas?

Pipezillas is a free slot game which is established and developed by GameOs, regarding as one of good casino game developers. This game adapts UFO theme as the main characters. This game uses a nice and funny symbols that is provide you with high payouts and bonuses. Then, you will not get bored because this game provides animations and music in their video slot game.

This stunning game has five reels and 20 pay-lines which is provided in video slot game. Moreover, bettors can find many exciting bonuses like, free spins, wild and bonus game.

Cute Theme and Character

This game use animated monster which live pipes under the city. Actually, the monster invade in the night and steal parking metres from the city street. In the monsters’ nest, precisely in underground, is crowded with stolen thing from the surface.

Unqieuly, the character of monster is not as bad as the story. Take an example of one hibrid monster. This monster is a green half-octopus and half-dinosaur creature. This monster appears beside the reels, watching on the reels and celebrate every victory.

Features and Payouts

This game offers 3D graphic design, free spins and wild bonus and bonus game. In this game, free spins are triggered by the scatter symbols regardless its position on the reels. If you get three symbols, you gain five free spins. You will gain ten free spins if you have four symbols meanwhile you will gain 15 free spins if you have five symbols. Uniquely, you can trigger it as many times as you can when the scatter symbol come up on the reels.

Wild bonus card substitutes any symbol on the screen and come up on the line with the highest win. Mega Wild bonus will appear if the wild come up on the 3rd reel. The mega wild bonus covers the whole reels and provides three times as many opportunities to trigger an extra money prize. For your information, the wild bonus looks like a goofy-looking green monster.

Another interesting feature is bonus symbol. Bonus symbol looks like blue vampire monster. This symbol can trigger the Pipezillas Race Bonus Game. You can find it if you get three or more on the active paylines. Pick the best monster based on your instinct and see them travel down the pipes.

The article above shows you how Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme is suitable for those who are interested with slot game. We hope the information above help you to understand the advantage and positive side of pipezillas.

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