Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies

Vegas is a place where you can have a lot of fun by gambling legally. There are so many casinos that you can try. However, for some of us, Vegas is out of our reach. Thanks to betsoft, you can feel the sensation of having weekend in Vegas by playing the slot game. Here are several Weekend in Vegas slot betting strategies that may be useful.

Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies

Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies
Weekend in Vegas Slot Betting Strategies
  • Use the Bonuses from Symbols as Much as You Can

In this game, you should pay attention on several symbols such as police car scatters, Las Vegas wilds, and the money wheel bonus. Those symbols are important for you to get more bonus. As you know scatter symbol will lead you to additional money if there are any other symbol on the screen, wilds symbol will lead you to something beneficial, and money wheel bonus will give you certain amount of money by rolling the wheel.

  • Use the Beneficial Feature

You also can get the bonus round and also double-up feature. You can use these helpful feature by having certain symbols in certain amount in one of your paylines. The bonus round will lead you to the bonus stage that will give your free spins or money. If you want to activate this bonus round, you should have the three characters or three of a character symbol in your paylines, they are Loony Larry, Balanced Ben, and Cautious Chris. Each character will give you different experience in the bonus round, exciting right?

You will get re-spin feature if you get one of the characters in reel number two until four. This will definitely allow your chance increased in the second screen bonus that will lead you to other continuous winning. This bonus screen will only appear with the combination of the characters symbols.

The double-up feature will give you a beneficial thing. To make this feature available, you should have combo winning the double-up button will show up and you can click it to enter other bonus round. In this round you should choose whether the coin that will be tossed will end or tails or heads. If you can guess correctly, you can double your winning money.

  • Place your Bet Wisely

In this game, you can arrange your bet in detail. You can choose the range for each coin that you will place as bet for each payline. You can also control on how many coins that you will use for every payline. There is also max bet button that will help you to automatically maximize the bet.

Besides of those features, you can also get the advantage from the autoplay button. You can play several times without change in the amount of betting. The program will do it automatically. You can also use the double button after having combo winning.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun by using Weekend in Vegas slot betting strategies. You will definitely get the best experience in playing slot games just like spending your weekend in Vegas for real.

How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?

Have you heard what a loose slot is? It does not really represent the name, but in the other hand, loose slot will give you a definite winning, even more than just an ordinary winning. It has higher payout rather than other slot games. However, how to find a loose slot if it really exist? And how to get more chances of winnings, here it is:

How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?

How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?
How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?
  • Find the Most Appealing Slot Machine

You can do this if you go to a land-based casino and go to the slot machines area. Many bettors say to search the slot machine which is located in the center area. It means that you should search the slot machine that can be seen from any direction. Why? It is a casino’s strategy, though.

If the machine is visible from any direction, it means that it will be the center of attention. So, if bettors try the machine and win a big amount of jackpot, it will encourage other bettor to play and get the jackpot. So this machine is absolutely the loose slot machine.

  • Read Other Bettors’ Review

To find an online loose slot game is a little bit tricky. However, you always can read the review in some sites about certain online slot games. Just focus your search on the slot games with the best review on the big jackpot and the most top-played one.

Online slot games with big jackpot will definitely attract bettors’ attention, so you can also try to play the game and prove it by yourself. This is also a kind of casino’s strategy to attract more bettors to spend their money on slot game. However, if you can find this game, just stick with it and you can get the best payout. The benefit of online slot game is you do not need to take turn with other bettor. Just keep playing as long as you want.

  • Test the Payout of the Game

The benefit of online slot game that you can take for granted is the free trial version. You can search the game with the best payout. The highest payout means that it is the loose slot game. In some sites, you can get the payout information from detail explanation about the game. However, if you do not find it, you can always have some fun and explore those games, then find the best one by yourself.

In the land-based slot game, you should test the payout using some money. Just insert some money and then see how much the machine will pay you back. If the amount of money is big enough, or at least bigger than the money you spend, just stay for several turns. After some turns, if you still get good payout, then it can be concluded if the machine is the loose slot.

How to find a loose slot if it really exist? You can try those ways to find the loose slot. Maybe you will not really find the loose slot, but at least you know which slot game has bigger payout that means you can get better jackpot. So, are you ready to win some?

Online Slot Games with Different Game Providers

There are also lots of game providers that offer you with numerous online slot games since they are very popular and they come with different types and features. Choosing the correct online slot games with different game providers are very beneficial, why so? If you want to know the answer, you have come to the right place.

Online Slot Games with Different Game Providers

Online Slot Games with Different Game Providers
Online Slot Games with Different Game Providers

Game Choices

The first obvious reason why choosing the online slot games with different game providers, is lots of game choices that you can choose. You will be provided with different types of slot game with different paylines and payout. There are several types of slot games that you can choose, such as 3D slots, video slots, 3-reels slot, multi-payline slots, and progressive slots.

Other than that, you will be presented with lots of stories and themes that you can choose. You will be brought to experience the story itself by the high definition graphics and sound effects that will enrich the story.

One of the best parts of choosing an online slot game from this website is choosing from several reputable providers. Those slot game providers are very trusted by many online casino websites, and the best thing is, they have numerous slot game types that you can choose.


The next reason why you need to choose the site with different slot game providers is the convenience reason. It means that you do not need to shed a sweat to find different slot games from different slot game providers since they have been in one place. Here, you just need to locate the game providers tab and find the online slot game you want to play, and you are ready to bet.


The last benefit that you can get if you choose the online slot games with different game providers is you can be more focused compared with the limited online slot games. You do not need to switch from one site to another to find your favorite game. It also means that you do not need to be members of various online websites since it is very risky and you will be likely to get banned from playing on those sites.

If you are looking for the website with lots of online slot games, qq288 can be the best answer. You will be provided with numerous slot games from SpadeGaming, BetSoft, PlayTech, and MicroGaming. The best thing about this site is it is trusted by many online slot players. This website has acquired PAGCOR accreditation, so this site is legally safe as well. This website gives you free and legal experience in which you can play as you want it. Then, you will also get promotions and bonuses and those promotions and bonuses will give you more advantages on playing the slot game itself.

After you have known the online slot games with different game providers, it is your time to start registering yourself in this site and start placing the bet. Do not forget to choose your favorite slot game here and make use of the promotions and bonuses offered.

Trusted Betting Online website in Malaysia

Online casino games and sports betting gains its popularity among online gambler and sooner or later take a role of land based casino or conventional sports betting. It occurs because Internet has given room for online casino game developers to invent and develop products better and better. It is not surprised that you see hundreds or even thousands casino game developers in Internet nowadays. But, you should realize that some of them cheat their customer. So it is good to play in Trusted Betting Online website in Malaysia and it will give you exciting experience in online casino betting.

Trusted Betting Online website in Malaysia

Trusted Betting Online website in Malaysia
Trusted Betting Online website in Malaysia

If we talk about trusted, legality is the answer and license is the indication whether online betting site is legal or not. Internet is free to be access to everyone and no one can control it. Of course, new online betting sites are inclined to emerge without warning and nobody know whether it is legal or illegal online betting site.

Having legal or official license from legal accredited institution will indicate whether online betting site is accountable to their customer or not. It will assure you that legal casino will give you a great protection system toward your private banking account or private data from any misused activity. For your information, legal online betting site will not share the customers’ private information or data to third party.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses is one of main aspect in online betting site which attract bettors to play on it. We suggest you to play in site which offer interesting bonuses. Check a great bonuses and special promotions that is provided since the moment you start or sign up in the site. Free bonuses, free spins, welcome bonus and VIP member bonus are popular examples of online betting site bonuses.

Commonly, the bonus is given after bettors adhere some certain terms. But, you should understand the policy about bonuses and promotions. Make sure that you do not tempt with casino which offer illogical number of bonus. Illegal online betting site offer large bonuses and promotions or provide illogical conditions which is difficult to require for the bettors. So, be careful on the bonuses and promotion offered by online casino betting site.

Customer Service

This is an important aspect that should be a prioritize for every bettors. Live chat, email, telphone number are the basic prerequisite for a good customer service. Make sure that all of aspects are provided visible on the site.

Customer service has function to help you when you have problem or complaint with the feature on the web. Online betting site should give fast respond for the bettors. Some illegal online betting site need an hour or even a day to respond the bettors. So check how fast the customer service respond before you invest time and money on it.


Qq808.com is a legal Malaysian online betting site which has licensed from PACGOR. It shows that qq808.com is a Trusted Betting Online website in Malaysia.This site has been ranked as the best online betting site which offers incredible online casino games and sports betting with many bonuses and promotions. So do not miss the chance to gain much money through this site.

Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme

Whether it is in land based casino or online casino, slot games gain its popularity among gamblers. Slot is a simple game which does not require a complicated strategy or calculation. Understanding the game and having a little luck will help you to gain much cash. So it is good to play in a good slot game. Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme is the example of slot game.

Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme

Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme
Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme

What is Pipezillas?

Pipezillas is a free slot game which is established and developed by GameOs, regarding as one of good casino game developers. This game adapts UFO theme as the main characters. This game uses a nice and funny symbols that is provide you with high payouts and bonuses. Then, you will not get bored because this game provides animations and music in their video slot game.

This stunning game has five reels and 20 pay-lines which is provided in video slot game. Moreover, bettors can find many exciting bonuses like, free spins, wild and bonus game.

Cute Theme and Character

This game use animated monster which live pipes under the city. Actually, the monster invade in the night and steal parking metres from the city street. In the monsters’ nest, precisely in underground, is crowded with stolen thing from the surface.

Unqieuly, the character of monster is not as bad as the story. Take an example of one hibrid monster. This monster is a green half-octopus and half-dinosaur creature. This monster appears beside the reels, watching on the reels and celebrate every victory.

Features and Payouts

This game offers 3D graphic design, free spins and wild bonus and bonus game. In this game, free spins are triggered by the scatter symbols regardless its position on the reels. If you get three symbols, you gain five free spins. You will gain ten free spins if you have four symbols meanwhile you will gain 15 free spins if you have five symbols. Uniquely, you can trigger it as many times as you can when the scatter symbol come up on the reels.

Wild bonus card substitutes any symbol on the screen and come up on the line with the highest win. Mega Wild bonus will appear if the wild come up on the 3rd reel. The mega wild bonus covers the whole reels and provides three times as many opportunities to trigger an extra money prize. For your information, the wild bonus looks like a goofy-looking green monster.

Another interesting feature is bonus symbol. Bonus symbol looks like blue vampire monster. This symbol can trigger the Pipezillas Race Bonus Game. You can find it if you get three or more on the active paylines. Pick the best monster based on your instinct and see them travel down the pipes.

The article above shows you how Pipezillas Best Slot Game with Funny and Cute Theme is suitable for those who are interested with slot game. We hope the information above help you to understand the advantage and positive side of pipezillas.

Best Way to Make Money in Online Casino

Online casino is a famous one-stop entertainment nowadays. It is just not only serve the excitement and a lot of fun but also can be an income for the bettors. For you, the beginner, here is the best way to make money in online casino and at the same time having the best experience to play online casino games.

Best Way to Make Money in Online Casino

Best Way to Make Money in Online Casino
Best Way to Make Money in Online Casino
  • Play Easier Games

Playing poker may look cool, but victory doesn’t come easy like in James Bond movies. Try less complicated games for easier wins instead. There are several games that falls to this category. For table games, there is Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps. This holy trinity is the safest option in table games, as their gameplay are very easy to follow and there is not much to memorize. If you are not fond of table games, there are other easy options such as slots and lottery. All the options above are easier to win because the game flow is easy to see.


  • Slot is Your Best Friend

Now, among all of the game option, which game is actually the easiest to win? The answer is slot. Unlike inland casinos, jackpots in online slot games are all accumulated from every investment of every bettor that play the game throughout the world. That means more people playing the game, faster the jackpot will appear. Besides, its simplicity of the gameplay, easily win hearts of bettors. It’s not difficult to find a popular slot game online. The trick is to play outside rush hours since the accumulated money is sitting there with less competition to get.


  • Get Memberships

Playing the games alone is profitable, but there is a way to double your earning through it. That can simply be done by getting membership on betting sites. Betting sites usually offers advantages with promos and bonuses. For example, a bonus can multiply your deposit and initial bonus significantly after the target turnover got achieved. There are many bonuses that are targeted to certain groups of people (for example, newcomers) or specific games for those who wants focused gameplay. If you are lucky, it’s even possible to get VIP levels which will bring higher commission and bonus percentage.


  • Money Management

Winning is a thing and all, but profit really doesn’t matter if every each of them are lost by gambling more. Many bettors like to use their profit to gain more, but oftentimes this plan backfired because they don’t practice strain. This is why money management is necessary. Next time, try to only use your deposit throughout the night to gamble. Don’t draw more than that and stop as soon the money is depleted. Feel free to use earned profits, but make sure to use the money to protect your earnings, not the opposite way.

It is not difficult, isn’t it? This is really the best way to make money in online casino. Just start to do the steps and you can make money easily by playing and having a lot of fun. Remember, to maintain your bank account too, you cannot get the money without any money, though. Happy betting!


Difference of Playing in Land Based and Online Casino

There are numerous online casinos and they become popular among casino players. Online casinos are believed to have more advantages compared to the land based casino. If you are new to the casino realms, you need to know the Difference of Playing in Land Based and Online Casino for your chances of winnings.

Difference of Playing in Land Based and Online Casino

Difference of Playing in Land Based and Online Casino
Difference of Playing in Land Based and Online Casino
  1. Legal

The first thing that differentiates the land based casino with the online casino is the legality. It is not a secret that most countries in the world ban the casino and all of the gambling activity, it makes the land based casino very rare today. Some of the countries also have the rule to put the land casino owner, employees, and players in jail if they are caught doing the gambling transaction.

It is very different with the online casinos that let you bet without worrying about such rules. Most of the online casinos are legal and it can be said that there are rare case of people getting into jail because of this online casino. However, some countries still ban the online casino like Malaysia, and you need to access the website in your house, not in public places.

  1. Real-time

The second difference between land based casino and online casino is that you can access the online casino anywhere and anytime. The online casino can be accessed from your computer and some sites provide you with the access from your mobile devices.

Accessing the online casino from your mobile devices let you to play it from the web browser without needing to download certain apps. It will be the best answer for those who do not have sufficient memory on their mobile devices.

Moreover, you will be kept update with the detailed information about your bet. Comparing to the land based casino, the online casino is better in providing the information for you. It is very beneficial to calculate your own chance of winning and hopefully you will win the bet.

  1. Reliable

As previously mentioned, land based casinos are getting banned and it is more and more difficult to find the legal and trusted casino. If you find one, it must be located in a certain part of a faraway country and there will be lots of people there. Still, if you are not careful, you will be dealing with the law.

It is different from the online casinos since they are getting better and some of them have had the legal permission and license to operate. If you are still unsure about a certain online casino, you can always check in various online casino players forum and from other players’ review.

Besides, there will be limited game choices in the land-based casino and you need to queue to place your bet. In the online casinos, you will be presented with numerous games that you can choose and the games are provided by the reliable online casino game providers.


After you have known the difference of playing in land based and online casino, you are encouraged to place your bet in the online casino.


American or European Roulette – Which One is Better?

If you enjoy playing roulette, you must have already been familiar with the variants of roulette tables. There are some of them. However, the most popular ones are the American and European roulette table. The difference is very simple and barely noticeable. Nevertheless, between American or European roulette – which one is better? Here are the exciting answer about that question.

American or European Roulette – Which One is Better?

American or European Roulette - Which One is Better?
American or European Roulette – Which One is Better?

The Difference between the American and European Roulette Table

Before we walk about which roulette table variant is better than the other, we certainly need to know why it is better compared to its counterpart. The European roulette table has 37 pockets due to the fact that it only has one green zero pocket. Yet, the American roulette table has an additional green pocket which is called double zero (00). Thus, this table variant has 38 pockets.

Do not underestimate the power of this single additional pocket. It is able to alter the house edge. Furthermore, the payout stays the same.

How the Additional Pocket Affects the Game’s Odds

We have established a fact that the payout of all bets remain the same no matter what kind of roulette table you use. For example, we use the 35:1 payout of a single pocket bet. Let’s consider this as your price if you win each round. It means you get 35 units of your original bet and you get your original bet back as well.

Now, let’s move to the game’s odds. As you notice in the European roulette table, your odds of winning is one in 37. Meanwhile, your odds of winning in the American roulette table is one in 38. You can see that the additional pocket also messes with the odds which make you win the game less often.

The simple modification also influences the house edge as well. The European roulette table only has a 2.7% of house edge, while the American one has a 5.26% of house edge. The difference of house edge also lowers the chance of winning as well as separating you from your cash.

What does It Mean about the House Edge?

A house edge is the percentage of the amount of cash you will lose after a certain number of bets. Thus, if the house edge is 2.7%, you will need to expect to lose $0.027 after 37 spins if you keep on placing $1 bets. You can lose more if you increase the bet size. Yet, that’s not the point. Our point is that by placing the same bet size for 38 spins, you are expected to lose $0.0526. That’s almost a double the minimum expected loss!

We can also use a different way to explain it to you. If you use about one hour to finish the 37 spins, in that period, you lost, for example, $270. Then, it will take you about only a half of hour to lose the same amount of cash. If you keep on playing for the same amount of time to complete the 38 spins, you will lose $526 during only an hour.

We think the explanations that we have provided above can give you a clear answer regarding American or European roulette – which one is better? When it comes to odds, the European roulette table is definitely better than the American one. It is not merely a random opinion. It is a fact which is back up by mathematics. However, on which table you like playing roulette is definitely your call.

The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?

Online slot game is a good invention and hundreds of developers compete to produce a good slot game with interesting features and bonus game. Basically, slot game in land based casino and online casino are similar. The main distinction is that online casino offers a good features and bonus game which can attract the bettors to play on their site. Thank to Toprend gaming which has invented The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real? Here are some information about that game.

The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?

The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?
The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?

The Journey West Slot Game

The journey west is a slot game which developed by casino game developers Toptrend gaming. The theme is based on Chinese Mythology. You will find many Chinese cultural thing like, bamboo, prolific valley, sounds of gongs and other ancient Chinese cultural decoration. It will give you another exciting experience playing on Asian-themed slot game.

You are able to place bet starting from 0.01 Dollar to 1.00 Dollar. It shows that you can place bet on small bet or high bet.

Unique Characters

The caharacters in The journey west are unique and interesting. One of them is anthromophic pig who always accompany the monk to find pure knowledge to the west. It is hard to describe the presence of pig. He is dressed like chineseman with a stick resting threateningly over one shoulder, robe and complete Chinese hat. Even though this game offers unique character, do not forget to focus on the game instead focus on the character in the game.

Bonus Features

Offering similar bonus features like other slot game, The Journey West game provide similar bonus features like scatter symbols bonus, free spins, slot machine bonus round, and wild symbols

Wild symbol in this game is associated with aggressive monkey. The monkey will replace any symbols or value in reels except scatter symbol. Of course this symbol will lead you to win more wins. Moreover, you are able to cross over multiple lines which increase you winning chances by permitting one paving to act as many values.

Scatter Symbol Bonus give a great amount slot bonus even though it does not appear on the pay line. In the opening, there is an interesting bonus Choose Your Path Bonus app that will lead you to serious win. If you activate the feature, you have three winning chance options.  The first chance appers on reels 2 which gives five free games and three times multiplier bonus. Second chance involves on reels 3 that secure 8 free games and two times multiplier The third chance deals with reel 4 which give 15 free games and three times multiplier bonus.

Free spin is commonly offered by all slot games. This game offers 5 free spins for the lowest number. Beside free spin bonus feature, there is an incredible bonus feature, slot machine bonus round feature. This bonus allows you to get free multiple slot spins. This bonus allows you to gain win without having further risking gambling balance.

So, you wil get much benefits if you playThe Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?Do not miss the chance to get many prizes on this game.


Best Slot Betting Site that offers Exciting Features

Do you know what the benefit of free online slots is? You can use it to make your skill perfect and you can try the game, so you will find out whether the slot game suits you or not. You should get those advantages and here is Best Slot Betting Site that offers Exciting Features and give more chances of winnings.

Best Slot Betting Site that offers Exciting Features

Best Slot Betting Site that offers Exciting Features
Best Slot Betting Site that offers Exciting Features
  • Onlineslotqq101
  • Memberships

To play on this site, bettors have to apply as their member. But don’t worry – it will not waste your time. In fact, applying for their membership will open many opportunities for you. For one, the bonuses can only be accessed by getting the membership. Plus, by playing often, bettors will be granted VIP levels that offer bigger percentages on bonuses and weekly commissions.

  • Free Bonuses

There are bonuses for literally everyone and every game from this site. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer, old timer, or something in between. In fact, onlineslotqq101.com offers specific bonuses for any group.

  • Ample Collection of Games

Onlineslotqq101.com is a complete casino, so don’t be surprised to find other games in this site. There are live betting, sports betting, and even lottery available. In case you need a break from slots, the choices can be reached in a few taps. That being said, the site didn’t offer bad slot games just because there are many options. Not to worry – their quality is still mostly above average.

  • Onlineslotqq288
  • Slot-centric

Instead of a complete casino, onlineslotqq288 mostly focuses on slot games. That means this site is a good choice for those who want to focus only on slots.  Of course, other games are also available on this site. However, slot games dominate the options. So while there’s not much choices for a breather, the slot quality is unbeatable.

  • Apps

For the sake of flexibility, this site offers apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. They are all designed for better gaming experience, as the apps load the graphics faster with less data. They are way faster than loading the games on site, and the visuals have been adjusted to fit the gadget screen as well. Also, there will be less temporary data to weigh in your devices. In conclusion, the apps will give the most fluid online slot gambling experience.

  • Promotional Bonuses

As we have mentioned above, onlineslotqq288 is slot-centric. Therefore, the bonuses are also heavily weighing on slot games. Most new member promotional bonuses offer bonuses for slot games. However, there is a separated bonus for slot games only in case you have applied as a member way before. Play often to get VIP levels, as they add extra percentages on every bonuses.

Try Best Slot Betting Site that offers Exciting Features and find one which suits you well. By using free online slots, you can choose the slot games with interesting theme and try it without spending any money. Then, if you are sure enough with game, you can continue to place a bet with the real money.