Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know

The popularity of casino game is not only in Western country but also in Asia, especially China. Therefore, you will easily find many casino games with oriental theme. Not just the oriental themes like in the slot games but also the original oriental game. It shows that China also shows its capability to create casino games. As a result, it becomes one of the most common game in casino world. Then, let’s discuss the Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know, particularly the Sic Bo and Fantan games.

Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know

Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know
Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know

Facts about Sic Bo

Talking about oriental game, the first thing appears in mind will be Sic Bo game. Sic Bo is a game of chance from ancient Chinese which use three dice in the gameplay. It is a casino games which is widely popular in Asia, especially Macau. Almost in any casinos in Macau, you will find Sic Bo as the top casino game. It becomes worldwide first because of Chinese immigrants in United States. Since then, it is widely known in many casinos all over the world. Up until now, it still the best oriental casino games.

In playing Sic Bo, the player will place the bet according to the provided layout on the table. Then, the dealer will shake the chest which contains the dice. Then, the dealer will shake the chest and reveal the result of the dice by opening the chest. Sic bo is a game of chance because the result of the combination is very gamble. The player will not able to guess the result of dice combination in one shot.

Facts about Fantan

Different with Sic Bo, Fantan is more similar to roulette game. Fantan is already popular for a long time ago in China. However, Fantan is not that popular nowadays but some casinos in Macau still offers this game. In playing Fantan, the casino used an ordinary table with a square marked on the middle of the table. Then, there is a square metal on it. The square side is marked with 1, 2, 3, and 4.

After that, the banker a handful of small things such as buttons, coins, or another similar thing and then covers it with metal bowl. Then, the players will place their bet on a certain number (1, 2, 3, or 4) and put their stake on the number selected side. After that, the banker will remove the bowl and remove the buttons using stick. If there are four final button, the player who bets on the number four will win the game, and so on. Then, the winning players will get the commission ranges from 5-25%.

Those are the facts and way to make money about oriental gaming casino that you must know, particularly the sic bo game and fantan game. Fantan game may seem unfamiliar for casino players since it is not as popular as Sic Bo. However, those two games show the existence of oriental gaming casino which successfully take part in the world of casino game.

How to Choose a Right Online Casino Website

Along with the growth of technology, lots of online casino sites exist with different features and games to offer. However, it will be a burden if you choose the wrong online casino sites since you will play using the real money there. To avoid that problem and have the possibility of winning, you need to know on how to choose a right online casino website as your gaming partner.

How to Choose a Right Online Casino Website

How to Choose a Right Online Casino Website
How to Choose a Right Online Casino Website
  1. Features

The first hint for you to choose the right online casino site is based on the features they offer. The offers given by one online casino will be different from another. In choosing the right casino for you, you need to find the one that has the most complete features among all.

The first feature that you need to consider is the huge range of game choices, from the simple slot games to the sophisticated live casino. Besides, the game choices should be brought to you by the credible online casino game developers. By having numerous game choices, you can have a greater chance to choose the game that suits you the most.

The second feature that you need to consider is the feature within the game itself. To check the features, you can check them on the Play for Free menu. Take for example on sports betting, the online casino sites should have the live match, live score, and live odds features to enrich your game experience. Remember that you cannot waste your money over the not-so-worthy games.

The last feature that the online casino sites should have is the multi-language support. The multi-language here is very important since it will be very helpful and easier to play the game using the language you are familiar with since not all people understand foreign language.

  1. Ease of Access

The second consideration to choose the right online casino site is the ease of access they give. The good online casino sites can be accessed from various platforms, like from desktop computer and smartphones. Not only for the site itself, but also for the games they offer. Although using the smartphones, both site and games should run smoothly with the same quality of the graphics and sound effects.

Ease of Deposit and Withdrawal

Another consideration in choosing the right online casino site for you is the easy deposit and withdrawal that you can make later on. Not all of the online casino sites offer you with the easy deposit and withdrawal, and not all of them support different currencies.

If you choose the online casino site wrongly, you will have difficulty in transferring the money and getting the money. Moreover, you might not able to cash out the money in the local banks when the online casino sites are not affiliated with them, and you will be at risk since it is considered as illegal money.

After you have known on how to choose a right online casino website to have chance to win big, you need to start browsing them carefully. Remember those tips and you will not be disappointed and waste your money over playing the online casino games in the wrong sites.

Perfect Website to Play Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a timeless favorite casino game. The easy game makes the bettor keep playing, get the possibility of winning and also raising more money from it. However, to perfect your play, you should know what perfect website to play online baccarat and why it’s that so.

Perfect Website to Play Online Baccarat

Perfect Website to Play Online Baccarat
Perfect Website to Play Online Baccarat
  • The Best Website

There are two best websites that you should try to play in, QQ808 and QQ882. These two websites are really famous among bettors because of their services and also the varied choice of games. You can play whatever casino games you want to play, in an easy way, including online baccarat. Just make few tap or click and you will start to gain some money. However, why playing in those websites are a-must?

  • Many Options

In QQ808 and QQ882, you can choose among so many options of the way that you will play baccarat. You can choose the live casino version or the e-games version. Just do not worry, the jackpot will be the same, just different experience. Baccarat is a popular game so, many of the providers provide this game with its variation such as seven seat baccarat and multi-table baccarat. Just pick one and enjoy the game.

  • Fast Transaction

The next thing is about the transaction. Who wants to play in untrusted website that take so long in doing the transaction? No one. That’s why a good website provides a good and fast system. You can do your transaction in a snap. This feature is a must when you play baccarat. You need to make fast decision between banker or player and you need a fast transaction so your opportunity will be gone.

What do you think about the transaction in these websites will be? Yes, it will fast, so fast. You just need around one minute to deposit your money and around three minutes to withdraw your winning money. The withdraw takes longer time, but it just few minutes and it is because they count your money first so you will not receive a wrong number.

  • Supported by Many Banks

What is in line with fast transaction? Of course banks. A good online casino website will be supported by many banks in those area, from the local one and also the international one to ease the transaction. Because of the transaction in the website will be online, the website will choose the bank with the ability of online transaction.

Don’t ask about this for QQ808 and QQ882. These two popular websites are supported by many banks such as Maybank, HSBC, AmBank Group, and Bank Rakyat. So you do not need to make a new account in a certain bank. Just make sure that your bank in on the list and you can start playing baccarat as long as you have money to be deposited.

QQ808 is really a perfect website to play online baccarat. You can find anything and any kind of the game there. What are you waiting for? These are the best tips to win. Just start to play in this website and find the excitement and also the money.

Tips to have Consistent Winnings in Baccarat

Casino games are mostly hard to beat, but it is different with Baccarat since it is known as the easiest game in the casino. Although it is easy, you are not guaranteed that you will win here all the time. All you have to do is to read this Tips to have Consistent Winnings in Baccarat and try to join in this trusted betting online website for more chances of winnings.

Tips to have Consistent Winnings in Baccarat

Tips to have Consistent Winnings in Baccarat
Tips to have Consistent Winnings in Baccarat
  1. Forget Card Counting

Card counting strategy is a very famous strategy used to beat Baccarat game. This strategy becomes popular since it is pretty easy to do and it is believed to be the most effective strategy. The value of the cards will be counted and the value will determine what kind of bet that you need to place.

In fact, this card counting strategy is considered by the casino as cheating and if you are caught doing it you will be banned from playing it again in the casino. Also, this kind of strategy cannot be used in the online Baccarat since it will be hard to tell the number of card decks used by the online casino.

  1. Place the Banker Bet

In the Baccarat game, the Banker bet wins more than the Tie bet and the Player bet. The Banker will depend on the players in drawing the cards and it makes the Banker bet has the greater chance to win frequently here. Moreover, the House Edge in the Banker bet is the lowest for like 1.06% compared to the other bets. If you place the Banker bet, you will be likely to win get more money in return.

  1. Tie Bet Should not be Chosen

The Tie bet is the worst bet that you can choose in Baccarat since it will be rarely happen and the House Edge is pretty high. The Tie bet comes with the highest payout for 8:1 and some casino offer you with the 9:1 payout to make you interested in placing the Tie bet. By having those interesting payout, you will be likely to have the smaller chance to win and you will risk your money here. But, the payouts will be no use since you need to pay the House Edge for more or less 14%.

  1. Consistent Bet

The last tip is to make the consistent bet for either Player or Banker bet since following the pattern will not make you win in this game. Besides, you will only waste your time in it and you will be likely to lose your money in the process.

You need to bear in mind that Baccarat is not played using a certain patterns since it is played based on the random event, and the previous result will not affect the future result. You cannot aim to win big here; instead you need to aim for winning less money but with high frequency.

Remember that you need to practice more to develop your knowledge and skills here for you to have way to make money in online casino. If needed, you can make use of the free games given by numerous sites to test the tips out. Then hopefully, you can have Tips to have Consistent Winnings in Baccarat. Good Luck!

The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat

As we know, Baccarat game is one of the most popular casino game since it is an old casino game. Many people still go into it because it is a simple game with high profit. It has a low house edge so that it will be beneficial for the player. In baccarat game, there is three wagers which are the player, the banker and tie bet. Each bet has different possibility of winning the game. So, let’s talk about the best tips to win and the possibility of winning in tie bet on baccarat and other bets also.

The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat

The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat
The Possibility of Winning in Tie Bet on Baccarat

Baccarat House Edge

Each bet has different house edge percentages. The house edge percentage for the player bet is 1.36%, the banker bet is 1.17%, and the tie bet is 14.4%. In every 100 games of Baccarat, the banker bet may win 50.68 times while the player bet will win 49.32 times. The result comes from the house edge percentage against the player bets. As mentioned before, the house edge is low compared to the other casino games. However, if you place your bet on the banker, the 5% commission will be taken away.

Baccarat Probabilities

Each bet has different probability since the house edge is also vary. Among all bet, player bet will have a payoff of even money in the probability of 1:1. Nevertheless, the possibility of winning for player bet is about 44.6%. On the other hand, the banker bet has 95:1 probability since the 5% commission is applied. Therefore, the banker bet still becomes the safest bet since it has 45.86% chance of winning the game.

Somehow, online and live casino like to make the players choose the tie bet. In the tie bet, the casino will pay with 9:1 or 8:1 odds. It gives a chance to the player to make the small bet into large payout. Nonetheless, the return will be high since the possibility of winning tie bet is very low. The probability is 9.5% only which means 84% chance of losing the game for tie bet.

Six Deck Probabilities

In some casinos, the six decks cards is preferable when playing Baccarat. For most players, the adjustment of deck size will change the probabilities. As a fact, the probabilities in six deck is different compared to the eight deck game. The difference is not big and it only different in less than single percent. In six deck cards Baccarat game, the probability of winning the game for banker bet is 45.9%, player bet is 44.6% and the tie bet is 9.5%. Among the three bets, the banker bet has a significant different compared to the eight deck cards. In the six deck game, the possibility of winning the game is 45.9% while for the eight deck is 45.86%.

Baccarat Tips

Because baccarat is about probability, it is better for the player to have a good knowledge about the possibility itself. Either for the six or eight deck game, the best odds will always come from the banker bet. However, casinos will tempt the player to choose the tie bet instead because it will be more beneficial for the casino.

Basically, among the three bets, the best bet is always the banker bet because the probability of winning the game is the highest. Tie game is good yet not the least best among the other bets. It is seen from the possibility of winning in tie bet on baccarat.

Top 7 Tips for Beating Most of Casino Games

Online casino games are very popular since they can give you a huge amount of money if you play them right. The problem is some players have no idea what kind of game they play. Therefore, you need to know the top 7 tips for beating most of casino games to know more about online betting games to get more Chance to win Big in online casino games.

Top 7 Tips for Beating Most of Casino Games

Top 7 Tips for Beating Most of Casino Games
Top 7 Tips for Beating Most of Casino Games
  1. Choosing the Casino

The first tip is to find the reliable and trusted casino to play the games with. Remember that not all of the casino can be trusted and some will only drain your money by cheating you. Juts try this online website in Malaysia for more winnings.

  1. Knowing the Game

The second tip to win the game is to know the game you are playing. and also you should know the difference of playing in land based and online casino games. You cannot just rely on your fortune and risk your money over the game you are not familiar with. Therefore, you are suggested to learn the game first and try the free games in the online casino sites to increase your skill and knowledge.

  1. Knowing the Odds

The third tip is to know the odds of the game you are playing since each game has different odds. Some of the games have best odds, such as Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette.The odds here is important since you will be able to calculate your winning probability and the payout you will get later on.

  1. Knowing the House Edge

Similar to the odds, the house edge will affect your payout later on. The house edge here is the amount of money that you need to pay to the casino whether you win the game or lose the game. Since there are lots of casino games, the house edges are different and understanding the house edge will help you decide whether the casino games are worth to play or not.

  1. Use Strategy

The next thing that you need to know for beating the casino games is to use the strategy. The strategy or the sneaky ways to win here is important to help you decide your moves in playing the game. There are different strategies that you need to know and you need to get used to the game to be able to tell which strategy you need to use.

  1. Define Your Bankroll

The important tip that you need to know is to define your bankroll. The bankroll here is the amount of money you lose before winning the game.

  1. Know When to Stop

The last tip that you need to know is to know when to stop playing the games. It is not a secret that the casino games are designed to make you addicted to them. To prevent the addiction and losing the money in the process, you need to stop playing the game when you are ahead since it will be difficult to win again in the next round.

This are the best way to make money. After you have known the top 7 tips for beating most of casino games, you need to improve your skill in playing the game itself. It goes with the saying that knowledge will be no use if you cannot put it into practice. Therefore, you need to keep practicing to be able to win.

Top 3 Casino Games That Will Give You the Chance to Win Big

The aim of playing casino games are having fun and of course winning the prize. There are many games that can be played through casino. All the games have different rules and prize offered. Although there are many casino games, now let’s talk only about top 3 casino games that will give you the chance to win big in any online casino website that you want.

Top 3 Casino Games That Will Give You the Chance to Win Big

Top 3 Casino Games That Will Give You the Chance to Win Big
Top 3 Casino Games That Will Give You the Chance to Win Big


Blackjack becomes the one of the top 3 games because it offers big prize and it is easy to play. In playing Blackjack you play just against the dealer, not a professional gambler. In other words, the purpose of playing blackjack is beating the dealer. How to win beat the dealer? You have to get the cards with the value close to 21 or exact 21, as long as it is not over the 21. The value of each card depends on the number except the Ace is worth 1 or 11.

The value of your card is the total of the card’s value in your hand. The highest card is blackjack which consists of any card valued 10 and an ace. After all players place the bet, the dealers will give two cards for each player and to the dealer itself. If your card is close to 21, you can choose to hit it. However, if your card is over than 21, you are bust. You can double your bet or you can stand with your card. If you win the game, you will accept even money from the winning bets. If you get blackjack, you will get 3 to 2 payment.


If blackjack is known because it is easy, Baccarat is known because it is one of the oldest casino game. It is popular because of James Bond movie. It is a game of chance which does not require many strategies and skills involved. In playing baccarat, you have choices to place bet on banker’s hand, your hand or tie. You will win the game if the value of the card is close to 9. In Baccarat, the number card has the same value with the number while Ace is worth 1 and the rest worth 0.

After placing the bet, the dealer will give you two cards and the third card will be given occasionally. Since you cannot predict the card, you can use your instinct instead. When you are in doubt, it is better to place the bet on the dealer because it is the safest.


Roulette is also easy yet offer big prize to the player. Compared to those two card games, in playing roulette you have to bet on the number or color where the ball landed. You can place the bet on individual or particular number. You can place the bet as long as the dealer does not stop it. When the ball lands to a stop, the dealer can make payment to those who win the game. Some players keep the betting in the same number in order to win big.

The top 3 casino games that will give you the chance to win big are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Each game has its own rules and strategies that work. So, play now and win big.

5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Talking about casino game, you will never forget about dragon tiger casino game. It is included as table game for casino game which gains high popularity. Dragon tiger is similar to baccarat game however the cards are hold into tiger or dragon. Therefore, this game is quite easy compared to baccarat which has three hands. Although it is easy, you can win more easily using sneaky ways. Here are 5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game for your chances of winnings.

5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game
5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Betting on Tiger or Dragon

If you want to play safe and earn money, the best choice is to place the bet into either dragon or tiger hand. By betting on tiger or dragon, you do not need any strategies or using card counting to win the game. In playing dragon tiger, the house edge for dragon and tiger bets is 3.73% which is the lowest among the other possible bets. You can directly bet if you think tiger or dragon hand has higher ranking cards. Choosing these bets will pay you more money.

Using Counting Card When It Comes to Live Dragon Tiger

In playing live dragon tiger, the best and simple way to deal with the game is by keeping the card track and count the card. In other words, using counting card strategy. Thus, you need to monitor how many small or cards has been dealt, and more. You can keep the track on how many 7s have been dealt since whenever 7 is drawn, you will automatically lose the game.

Using Suit-based Strategy

Since it talks about sneaky way, suit-based strategy is very appropriate. Dragon tiger is a game where luck becomes the best factor. However, this strategy suits the best since you need to keep the track in order to know which suits that have been dealt most. It is called suit based strategy since you deal with suits.

Do Not Engage in Tie Bet

Different to baccarat game where placing bet on tie hand is a good option, in dragon tiger it is better not to choose tie bet. If you choose tie bet, you need to pay more since it pays 8 to 1. It is attractive and beneficial, if you win. However, if you lose, you lose it all. The other reason is because the house edge of tie bet is 32.77% which means the chance of winning by using this bet is small.

Disengage Betting Systems in Dragon Tiger

Some players thinks that using betting systems when playing dragon tiger is good choice since it is simple. Nevertheless, those who think that way never guarantee that they win big. So, do not easily be tricked by that thought. Just go with the game without thinking about the betting systems.

Those are 5 sneaky ways to win in dragon tiger casino game. Similar to other casino game, winning in dragon tiger game becomes the aim of all the players. Thus, those sneaky ways can be a good choice for you to win this game.

Malaysia casino online free credit 2018

When you are looking for a website that will give you more advantage in playing different casino games, this Malaysia casino online free credit 2018 will give you satisfaction to your online casino betting experience. If you want to experience the exciting online gambling games that you want to play with the comfort of your own home, this website will give you awesome features that will lead you to get more chances of winnings and help you to become instant millionaire. Try this amazing website for you to be able to earn more money while playing online gambling games that you want.

Malaysia casino online free credit 2018

Malaysia casino online free credit 2018
Malaysia casino online free credit 2018

This Malaysia casino can provide more variety of online gambling games that can satisfy your betting experience. It will give you more freebies, rewards and bonuses that you surely enjoy.  You can experience wide variety of online casino games with the promotions that this website can provide. In Malaysia casino online everyone gets a chance to win more cash jackpots by just using their smartphones or other gadgets that they have. All you have to do is download and sign in for Malaysia online free credit now to claim your free welcome bonus.

Nowadays, online casino is more convenient and reliable because of the internet connection that can use to play and bet on different kinds of gambling games. The concept of live casino could be new for some people, even there are hundreds of clubs who have physical appearance but working a successful live casino business in Malaysia. Even people prefer to play live gambling Malaysia most as compare to any other mean because live casino online means you can play on your own mobile devices and tablets any time anywhere.

This website offers free credit casino features that can satisfy your online gambling experience. Aside from that, this also have amazing promotions that can easily have. Players also experience personable dealers that can accompany with. 100% new promotions and bonuses that welcomes the players to the world of live casino games. Excellent customer service supports that can help you to your questions and suggestions regarding in this website, and help you to win more money. And also most especially the numerous safe and trusted banking options that will help you to be more secured in your bank account. In this website, the player’s personal information is their priority to be secured for.

When you play live casino online, you’re playing time is light years ahead of anything else you have experienced. Playing this casino games is like coming face to face with the cutting edge of online gaming. Playing live casino online can give you more advantage than disadvantages. It gives you satisfaction to your gambling needs and helps you to win big and earn money while playing your favorite casino games.

When you are satisfied to this information that you have read, try to join or register in this exciting website for more chances of winnings by playing different online gambling games especially online casino games in this Malaysia casino free credit 2018.  Join now and enjoy!

Does 3 Reels Slot Much Better to Play Than Others?

Whether your intention is making cash or having fun in gambling, slot is a viable option to gain much cash in online casino. You do not need to invest much time to learn how to play in slot as well as the strategy. It occurs because luck has a great role than strategy. Then, we will discuss a question Does 3 reels slot much better to play than others? Here are some information about that:

Does 3 Reels Slot Much Better to Play Than Others?

Does 3 Reels Slot Much Better to Play Than Others?
Does 3 Reels Slot Much Better to Play Than Others?
  • Classic Slot

Three reels slot also refers as a classic slot by online gamblers. It occurs because it offers simplicity on many aspects. The visual clarity will help and ease novice bettors to learn slot game without many distractions on the game.

Even though it is popularly played by novice bettors, it does not mean that three reels slot is only for beginner. This game is a appropriate option for those who are looking for simplicity in playing slot game.

Reels influence the winning chance in slot game. The number of winning possible increases as well as the number of reels you spin. Therefore, consider where you play in slot game.

  • Bonus Round

Bonus round is one of important features in slot game to attract bettors. Unluckily, bonus features is not quite popular in three reels slot. In simple word, it is hard to find three reels slot which offer great bonus round.

Bonus round offer are very advantage for bettors. It can substitute scatter symbol to amount of money. Moreover, the bonus round does not appears once. Bettors can get it whenever the symbol appears on the reels. Another interesting part is that bonus round give you free spin chance without adding more money.

With the advance of technology, some online casinos offer fun bonus features. The purpose is to reach three slot markets. But, the bonus does not as complete as the five reels slot. Some online casino offer scatter bonus, free spins bonus and multiplier bonus. The distinction is the number of the prize. The prize is not as big as five reels slot.

  • Paylines

Some online casinos offer multiple paylines even though the single payline is very normal. You can find the single payline when you play slot game with fruit machine theme like popular in 1990s.

It is a public secret that you will gain many benefits if you play in multiple paylines. You will have 250, 500 or more possible winning chance to win. So, we suggest you to play in multiple payline.

  • Jackpots

Jackpot progressive slot is one of a good step to gain much cash in slot game. Jackpot refers to a casino taking some percentage on every single placed bet. It sounds interesting, but it takes much time to get the jackpot prize and nobody can guarantee that you can win the jackpot prize. So, three reels wheel will increase your bankroll.

The answer of Does 3 reels slot much better to play than others? Is yes it does. You are able to gain much cash in three reels slot. So, do not waste you time and gain much cash through three slot