QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

Are you looking for an online casino gambling website that could give you lots of money while experiencing a one of a kind online casino gambling? In the online gambling industry, there is a mobile casino site that offers the best casino gambling games and gives the most profitable promotional offers. That website is called QQ801 leading live casino online mobile game website in Malaysia. In this post, the features of this Malaysia casino mobile gambling site will be explained.

QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia
QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

Most engaging mobile casino gambling products

Of all the live casino gambling websites on the internet, QQ801 live casino online Malaysia is the only one that offers the most engaging and exciting casino online games to the gamblers. Different kinds of exciting mobile casino games can be played on this top casino online Malaysia gambling website. Mobile casino games such as Baccarat Super 98, Exclusive Live Roulette, Super Color Sic Bo, Chinese Fan-Tan, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, and a lot more.

The games that have mentioned above were all made and developed by 10 of the most respected casino game online developers in the industry:

  1. Gameplay Interactive (GP)
  2. Oriental Game (OG)
  3. eBET
  4. Gold Deluxe (GD
  5. OPUS
  6. Royal
  7. Asia Gaming (AG)
  8. Allbet
  9. Playtech (PT)
  10. The Gaming Platform (TGP)

These providers offer different live casino online games with gorgeous live dealers.

Huge promotional offers

While playing those exciting Asian live casino games above, you can also get a lot of money from the promotions and bonuses it offers to all registered members. Every single promotion could give a certain member lots of benefits. Here are some of those:

  • Welcome Bonus 20% (WB20) – is a promotion that is offered to all new members of this genting online casino gambling website. WB20 has a maximum bonus of MYR 300 and TO 8X. This promo is applicable to all products except for PT, QQKeno, ISIN4D, and e-Games.
  • Special Extra Bonus 200% (EB200) – is also applied to all newly registered members of QQ801 with MYR currency. In this promotion, all new members have a chance of getting a maximum bonus or MYR 350. The required TurnOver for this promotion is TO 30X and the deadline to fulfill the required TurnOver is 30 days after participating.
  • Freebet MYR 10 – is also one of the promotions of QQ801 live casino Malaysia that is offered to all the new members. In this promotion, every new member could get MYR 10 freebet bonus. Just click the freebet logo, then enter the code on your mobile device, the click confirm.
  • Free VIP Level – all regular members of this genting live casino could avail this exciting promotion. In this promotion, all regular members could become a Diamond VIP member. After continuously playing any casino live game of QQ801 for 3 consecutive months, a regular member will be levelled-up to Bronze VIP member. After 6 months of playing, one level will be added. And after 12 months of continuously playing, another level will be upgraded to a certain member.
  • Reward Point Lucky Draw – 3 huge prizes and 200 special prizes will be given away in this huge promotion. All deposit members of this game play casino site could avail Reward Point Lucky Draw promotion.


Unlike the other game casino sites that have no authorities to operate, QQ801 free casino game website holds a license and accredited by the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR. With this license and accreditation from a legit license agency like PAGCOR, all members of QQ801 live casino game website are safe to play casino mobile and casino slot game. This license also is a proof that QQ801 is a trusted casino online gambling website.

By simply joining QQ801 leading live casino online mobile game website in Malaysia, your online casino gambling experience will be great and unforgettable. All of its offered casino gambling games will give you unstoppable fun and excitement and the promotions and bonuses that it offers will give you a huge amount of profits. So don’t waste your chance to become a successful online casino gambler and join this top casino mobile gambling website in Malaysia now!

Choose the Best Website with Great Promotional Offers

There are lot of people of online casino bettors that wants to get the winnings but don’t know on how to choose the best website for them to play different types of online casino games. There are many website to the internet that attracts the players to join and register on them by just having more promotional offers and bonuses that can be the advantage to other website. Choose the Best Website with Great Promotional Offers and that also can satisfy your playing experience in online gambling games. In this article you can see the best website that give more variety of online promotional offers.

Choose the Best Website with Great Promotional Offers

Choose the Best Website with Great Promotional Offers
Choose the Best Website with Great Promotional Offers

When you are a gambler and you want to experience such amazing online betting and exciting features. You should know the important things that you need to prepare before entering an online casino for you to be able to make more chances of winnings and have the best experience in online casino that you want. It is important for you to know all the information about online casino before you play or bet on your chosen casino website.

When choosing in any online casino website, before you play online casino games make sure that you do background check to the website that you want. Bet in the website that has licensed to operate and have more legal licensed for your safety and privacy. Don’t just play in any casino website that is not worth your time. Choose wisely.

Best Promotional Offers of Malaysia Website

You can be sure that any promotions that you should get is relatable to any online gambling games that play or bet with. Every online gambling site has the promotional offer, you should choose the right betting games that you want for you to get more exciting promotions by just playing any gambling games that you want.

Usually there are lot of online gambling promotions that you can get such as: Reward point, VIP Level for Loyal Members, Extra Bonus, Welcome Cashback, Welcome Bonus, Reload Bonus and many more. With the help of this promotions you can guarantee your winnings and you can have wide variety of any gambling games that you want. Aside from that, you can free to join and enjoy in this Malaysia website for more exciting bonus.


Without the use of promotions, the interest of the customers will be lost in any online betting site. It is important to any gambling site that they have the promotions that they can offer to the customer for them to be able to encourage the players to play in their website. There are no reason not to play in a website lots of promotions offers. Get more winnings and satisfy yourself while playing online gambling games. Choose the Best Website with Great Promotional Offers and get the exciting winnings that you want and at the same time enjoying the online gambling games that you want to play to get the winnings that you want.

Which better online casino Malaysia qq808 vs qq801?

Do you already know where to play the best online casino games? There are lot of online casino website that can see in the internet nowadays, but you will not know if it is the right online casino website or not. A lot of players can’t decide where to play their favorite online casino games, there are always a question “which is better?” Here in this article you can see the difference and similarities of those two website and their game features.

Which better online casino Malaysia qq808 vs qq801?

Which better online casino Malaysia qq808 vs qq801?
Which better online casino Malaysia qq808 vs qq801?

There are lot of similarities and differences that you can see in this QQ808 and QQ801 website. Aside from the promotion that you can get, there are also good features that you can experience as long as you join and become a member of these two website. If you are become one of the people that plays in these two website, you can get the advantage to play different variety of casino games and other online gambling games that you want to play. When it comes to the variety of games that you can play, those two website are not really having some difference when it comes to the games that you can play. This QQ808 and QQ801 website also have the similar casino games and casino providers that you can experience to play with.

Malaysia Casino’s Great Customer Service Support

This QQ808 and QQ801 both have the best customer service support team that can help the players to get the exciting winnings that they want. If you become a member of this Malaysia casino website you can have the advantage to play online casino games with the help of this nonstop customer service support. This customer service are very important in this two Malaysia casino website because it can help the players to have some information about their online casino game experience.

Exciting Online Casino Game Providers

QQ808 and QQ801 website have the same online casino game providers that provide awesome casino games for all the players of this website. With the help pf this awesome game providers that offering wide range of live casino games that you can play through mobile or computer the players can get more chances of winnings. There are lot of similar online casino games that you can see in both website, such as: Sicbo, Baccarat, Roulette, Chinese Fantan, Poker and lot of exciting slot games and even sports betting games are here.

Safe and Trusted Online Casino Website

When it comes to the legality and safety of the players that wants to get the winnings in this website, this QQ808 and QQ801 website are both authorized by PAGCOR as legal gambling website. So, you don’t have to worry about because this two website are safe and trusted website that can guarantee your winnings.


Understand and browse this article for you to be able to get the exciting information that can help you to decide whether you play in this QQ808 or in QQ801 website. You can answer your question Which better online casino Malaysia qq808 vs qq801? Decide and get the winnings that you want.

Soccer World Cup Event with Awesome Daily Reward Bonuses


We all know that online betting are very familiar nowadays in different area around the world. Many bettors wants to bet in sports betting games than any other betting games online because it will give thrilling experience and at the same time having more daily rewards that they can get. In this Soccer World Cup Event with Awesome Daily Reward Bonuses you can experience a lot of interesting rewards that the bettors can surely love.

Soccer World Cup Event with Awesome Daily Reward Bonuses

Soccer World Cup Event with Awesome Daily Reward Bonuses
Soccer World Cup Event with Awesome Daily Reward Bonuses

If you are one of the bettors that wants exciting bonuses that can help you to increase your winnings, this soccer event is for you. In this QQ801 Malaysia website you can experience interesting daily reward bonuses that you can’t imagine. You were able to get exciting rewards and different promotional offer when you try to register in this awesome Malaysia website. Aside from the variety of promotions that you can get in this website, you can also have the best features that you surely enjoy such as, you can watch the soccer game that you want even when you are using your mobile device, you are still updated anytime and anywhere you are.

Interesting Daily Reward Bonuses

In this QQ801 you can have the advantage to get the exciting daily reward bonuses that you want, you can experience the awesome rewards that can offer by this website. In this website you can have to get reward bonuses with total of 11,200 Malaysian Ringgit. This daily reward bonuses will be divided into 2 parts, the 5,600 MYR will be going to the first 3 lucky winners that luckily win in this soccer event. The remaining 5,600 will be given to the 400 members of this website as consolation prize.

Awesome Rewards for Lucky Winners

If you are one of the 3 lucky winner of this soccer betting in this QQ801 Malaysia website, you can have a chance to get the exciting rewards only for the first 3 lucky winners of this world cup event in this website. The 1st lucky winner be going to have 2,800 MYR and for the 2nd winner will be having 1,600 MYR and also for the 3rd lucky winner will be having 1,100 MYR currency.

Promotional Offers

When it comes to the exciting bonuses that you can get as the bettors of this website, there are also promotional offers of Malaysia that can give to the players such as: Welcome Bonus, the bettors can get this welcome bonus that the bettors can enjoy they are just signing up in this website. They can also have the FREE VIP LEVEL UPGRADE for all the regular members which can make them in a Diamond Level VIP for Free.


So, what are you waiting for? Register and join now in this interesting Soccer World Cup Event with Awesome Daily Reward Bonuses that can give more exciting bonuses as well as promotional offers by this QQ801. Don’t hesitate to playa and get the exciting winnings that you want. Enjoy now and happy betting!

Improve At Any Casino Online Betting Games Fast

Casino online betting games provide many games that you can try every time. However, you need to have good skill. Here are the tips to Improve At Any Casino Online Betting Games Fast and it will guarantee your winnings by just knowing the different information about the games that you want.

Improve At Any Casino Online Betting Games Fast

Improve At Any Casino Online Betting Games Fast
Improve At Any Casino Online Betting Games Fast

Some Trials

The first thing you can do to improve fast is doing some trials. If you want to improve your skill in playing any games at a casino online, you have to try that regularly. You are going to lose during several first try. By then, you can learn your own tricks and skills. Repeating the process will allow you to learn more and to sharpen your skill better. The more you play the game, the faster a player masters strategies and skill to win in the games.

Created more strategies

The next thing to improve fast is you have to create more strategies. If you only have one or two strategies before, you have to add more strategies. You can learn from your friends about the games. You can also learn the rules to play the games. Don’t be in hurry to play the games. You need to understand more first. It is how you improve your skill to play casino online.

Make the Review of the Games

The other thing you can do is you should consider writing a review of the previous games you played. The history makes you understand to set the next prediction. You have to see whether you play the games well or not. You can also create your new strategies by looking at the history. Therefore, you can improve your skill to face the next games.

Put the Correct Bets

If you want to improve fast, you have to know how to put the correct bets. Usually, the best bettor knows the best moment to put their bets. First thing, you have to understand that start putting the bets on the lowest amount. It is to avoid losing your big money at the beginning of the games. You can raise your bets slowly. Systematically you can put the bets for a big amount of your money. Therefore, you will get big profits too.

Play the Best Games

The next thing you can do is trying to play the difficult games. During your experience in online casino games, you have to find the best games to be played. The best games will give you many bonuses. You have to try playing this kind of games in casino online. It will improve your skill in facing the difficult one. If you manage to master some strategies while playing the difficult games, you will be able to win at any game.

Face the Risks

Each online casino game has its own challenges and risks. Some of the challenges and risks are easy to handle while the others are pretty hard to conquer. If you want to improve fast, you have to raise your level up. However, you have to be ready with the risks that you may face such as losing your bets. Here, you may learn how to win the game.

Those are the Improve At Any Casino Online Betting Games Fast at a casino online. Don’t wait any longer try that and improve your skill to win any games there.

Mistakes of players in Online Casino Games

Win and lose are the usual thing in playing casino online. However, there are some unnecessary mistakes that actually not to be done by the players in online casino games. Here are some Mistakes of players in Online Casino Games that should avoid.

Mistakes of players in Online Casino Games

Mistakes of players in Online Casino Games
Mistakes of players in Online Casino Games

Without Information

The first mistake that you should not do is you play the games without any information before. If you don’t have any information about the games that you want to play, don’t force yourself to play. It will make you lose the game only. You should have much information to play the games that you like to make it easier.

Play with Feeling

The second mistake is you use your feeling only in playing the games. You cannot use your feeling only when you play the games; you have to use the best strategy to win the games. You have to understand the rules before you play. Therefore, you will play the games in a correct way. Use your logic, not your feeling.

Miss the Opportunities

The next thing is you have to stay focus during the games. You have to pay attention to the opportunity and your rival. You have to put the target of your win. Therefore, you can stay focus to win the games.

Wrong Strategies

Most of the players do not prepare the strategies as well. Sometimes, they just have one strategy only without any additional strategies. Therefore, when something bad happened during the games, the players cannot force using that strategy and finally lose the games. You must prepare more than one strategies.

Emotional Condition

You must make sure that you have good feeling or condition before you play the games. If you play the games in the emotional condition it will make you lose the games only. Playing casino online needs the calm condition of the players. It is because you have to focus and see the chances. If you are emotional, you can’t see the chance and win the games.

Wrong Bets

The next mistake used to be done by the players is putting the wrong bets. Usually, the players are too ambitions in winning the games. Therefore, the players put the higher bets for the first time. If you do this, it will make you lose all your money. You have to put your bets gradually. You can do it start with the lower amount first. If you already understand the situation of the games and win the first time, you can add your bets little by little.

Wrong Websites

The last mistake that should be avoided is the players chose the wrong website. Before you play the games, you have to make sure that the websites are the best website. Therefore, the agent will not take your money. The trusted website will give your good services. If you play on the wrong website, you will not get anything.

Now you get the information about Mistakes of players in Online Casino Games. The information above will help you play the online casino and win money in online casino easily and successfully.

Things to Remember about Pragmatic Play

Who doesn’t know about Pragmatic Play, one of the top slots games developer? This company has already launched more than 80 slot games and none of them is below the standard from every aspect. If you want to play the slots from this developer, here are some Things to Remember about Pragmatic Play for more information:

Things to Remember about Pragmatic Play

Things to Remember about Pragmatic Play
Things to Remember about Pragmatic Play

As you maybe know, Pragmatic Play is a young provider. It was established in 2015, just three years ago. However, such a young age is not an obstacle for this provider to serve bettors with good slot games.

The design of the slot games is always in top notch and make bettor always want to play more and more. The games are designed by the expert so that bettors will not find any mistakes on them. The speed of connection is always the best one and almost never experience any trouble while playing games from this provider. Various options of theme that you can choose shows that this provider is doing a hard-work to make bettors enjoy every game.

  • Stay Classic with Lucky Strike

Lucky strike is a classic slot game from Pragmatic Play. You can enjoy the classic atmosphere in this game. Since it is a classic game, you can meet several classic symbols which will bring you to classic, old-time way of winning. This game is suitable for newbie, who still wants to try playing slots, or for you who love classic games.

However, this game has already upgraded. The jackpot is not the same as the classic games, which is so small, but Lucky Strike has better jackpot. So, do not worry to play this game, since you can get a big amount of jackpot as other modern games.

  • The Best Graphics Ever

Pragmatic Play always think about bettors that not only looking for some luck and money by playing slots but also some fun. So, games by this provider are built as detail as possible and with the best graphic. No more bored pictures, graphic, or symbols. Bettors will definitely find the games enjoyable. The themes also great and will add more unforgettable experience.

  • Lots of Bonuses

Bonus stage makes the experience in playing slot games more wonderful. The reason is that you can multiply the jackpot by playing certain game besides of pressing spinning button. Pragmatic Play really understands this thing, so this provider provides you slot games with many bonuses.

  • Keep Mobile Keep Playing

This provider focuses on how to serve the bettors better than other provider. They understand that bettors want to play slot games but they also have other thing to do. This is the reason why Pragmatic Play makes the mobile version of slots games. Bettors can play wherever and whenever they want while doing other activity. It is simple yet helpful.

You will never miss this developer anymore because the things to remember about Pragmatic Play, will really make strong memory with different game providers. Besides of that, you will notice that playing slots from this developer will give you more chances to win. Happy betting!

Lucky Panda Online Slot from TopTrend Gaming & Review

Lucky Panda is one of the great product created by TopTrend Gaming, top online slot developers. It is a video slot game which uses panda as the main symbol and logo of the game. Hence, it has the ambience of Chinese decoration. The idea of using Panda as the main attraction successfully captivates people’s eyes and hearts. Have you ever been played this video slot before? Lucky Panda Online Slot from TopTrend Gaming & Review for more information.

Lucky Panda Online Slot from TopTrend Gaming & Review

Lucky Panda Online Slot from TopTrend Gaming & Review
Lucky Panda Online Slot from TopTrend Gaming & Review

Full of Classic Chinese Atmosphere

As we know, Panda is a cute popular animal from China therefore it uses Chinese theme. Chinese theme is popular theme for slot game nowadays. During playing the game, the players will directly feel the atmosphere of the traditional Chinese culture. The video slot uses bright red background decorated with lucky gold ornaments and coins. The reels of the slot are between elegant wooden panels while the command bar uses traditional Chinese drawn.

Easy Ways to Play the Game

Lucky panda has classic slot game rules and there are more original features which can be unlocked in specific conditions. The machine uses 5 reels with 60 pay lines which give chance to line up many positions for the same symbols. As a result, the players will earn more money easily. The players start the game by choosing coin value and betting from 1 up to 5 coins. Then, you should hit the dragon in order to start the game.

The payouts of the game are based on the betting and the symbols combinations that the players successfully get. The good thing about this game is that the players can choose to bet max to play all in and it can open up the possibility to unlock the biggest rewards. Besides, Lucky Panda can be played automatically by using the auto spin mode.

Scatter and Wild Symbols Provided

Lucky Panda also has the scatter and wild symbols in order to help the players get the chance of winning big. The scatter symbol is the golden coin which is worth up to 2.000 credits whenever it lands. Meanwhile, Lucky Panda has the basic and classic card symbols which randomly feature a letter from the word Panda. If the players manage in spelling it out on the reel, the special feature of Lucky Panda will trigger the free spin bonus.

Mostly, the total free spins are 5 spins where the panda symbol will be probably added to the reel. Panda is the wild card which can replace all the other symbols but not the scatter symbol. Moreover, the winning combinations of panda symbol pays up to 2.000 credits. However, remember that the wild card only exists during the free spin which means you have smaller chance to win during the base game. If you want to win in the base game, you still have the scatter symbols to hit the big prizes.

Lucky Panda is interesting slot game which uses Panda and Chinese decoration to fulfill the players’ need during the game. Along with the great features try to play this exciting game in this best slot betting site. This game is worth to play.

Kat Lee 2 Online Slot Game Demo & Review

Kat Lee 2 online slot game brings up a unique theme followed the previous version of the Kat Lee slot game. It is the continuation of the female bounty hunter adventure in the first Kat Lee game. However, in the second series, there are more winning possibilities and free spins along with all the surprise. With different game provider like this toptrend gaming you will experience a lot of games. If you are fan of secret agent then you should play this game. Beforehand, let’s check Kat Lee 2 Online Slot Game Demo & Review for more information.

Kat Lee 2 Online Slot Game Demo & Review

Kat Lee 2 Online Slot Game Demo & Review
Kat Lee 2 Online Slot Game Demo & Review

All about Kat Lee 2

Kat Lee 2 is supported by 40 pay lines with full freedom to choose your wager starting from 0.01 credit per coin. Kat Lee 2 uses the female bounty hunter as the main character. It is shown clearly in the beginning of the game. The game has cold atmosphere with great animations along with unique character. If you have played the first series, then you will find some similar characters in the Kat Lee 2

Kat Lee 2 Gameplay

During playing the game, you are possible to place the bet from 1 to 5 coins per spin. Similar to the other slot game, if you are brave enough to bet in maximum value, you will get the maximum rewards as well. Meanwhile, Kat Lee 2 provides the auto play mode so that the players can spin the reels automatically as long as they want to. Then, you will get classic card icons which is worth up to 300 credits when you place the first betting followed by another fascinating features.

In this game, there are 6 original symbols on the pay table which all of the symbols represents the villain fighting and chasing. The most common symbol is limited to 100 credits but you can get higher credit with larger icons. Kat Lee 2 also has a classic wild card which can replace the other symbols on the reels. However, it only appears on the second, third, and fourth game. Not only the wild symbols, Kat Lee 2 also has the scatter symbols.

Scatter symbol is very important indeed in any slot game. In this game, the scatter symbol becomes the key of the multiple bonus feature. If you are successfully get at least 3 scatter symbols on the reels, you will get one of 3 bonus features. The bonus features are 8 free spins with expanding wilds, 10 free games with freezing wilds, 15 free spins with multiplied winning.

Kat Lee 2 also has another bonus feature which is called Cyborg Hunts. You can get this bonus by getting the Kat Lee symbol on the first reel, drone symbol on the third reel, and Eve symbol on the fifth reel. If you are successfully hits this Cyborg Hunts, you will get very high bonus in form of 93x of your wager. The Cyborg Hunts is known as the jackpot of the game.

Kat Lee 2 is the continuation game of the previous series, Kat Lee. Still using the same theme and characters, Kat Lee 2 is one of successful TopTrend Gaming slot game product. If you like secret agent theme and high prizes, this game should be tried.

Real or Demo Version of Berry Blast Plus Slot Game – Which is Better?

TopTrend Gaming as one of the most successful online slot developers create a game entitled Berry Blast Plus Slots. As its name, this slot machine uses fruit symbols and characters as the theme of the game so no doubt that the game is very colorful. Moreover, it stands with the 3D look so it looks very tempting and fascinating. Real or Demo Version of Berry Blast Plus Slot Game – Which is Better? Berry Blast Plus has 243 different ways to win in every turn.

Real or Demo Version of Berry Blast Plus Slot Game – Which is Better?

Real or Demo Version of Berry Blast Plus Slot Game – Which is Better?
Real or Demo Version of Berry Blast Plus Slot Game – Which is Better?

How to Play Berry Blast Plus Slot

Berry Blast Plus successfully captivates players’ heart because of its colorful and bright side. The game takes place in tropical location along with various fruits symbols on the reels. Besides, the animation of the game is very nice and fun to play. During playing the game, the players can choose between 5 bet levels provided and they need to adjust the wager from 0.01 to 2 credits for each level.

The maximum betting for the classic bet is very suitable for the high spenders. Furthermore, in this game the players can spin the reels by using auto play feature so that the players can spin the reels whenever they want to without staying still for the game. If you are successfully get the fruit combinations, it will explode and the new fruits will appear. Then, your final payout may be increased.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

In any slot games, wild and scatter symbols will help players to earn more. So do in Berry Blast Plus slot. In this game, any fruits worth up to 500 credits when it is played in bet level 1. The wild symbol in Berry Blast Plus is the logo of the game and it can be used to replace any basic symbols. As a result, you can easily get the winning combination symbols. However, it cannot be used to replace the scatter symbols.

The scatter symbol is the golden coin. It pays high up to 12.500 credits when playing in bet level 1 no matter where it lands. If the players successfully get the scatter symbols then they have an opportunity to get access for more than 25 free games.

Berry Blast Plus Jackpot

Slot game is always attractive especially because of its jackpot. The best strategy in winning jackpot is by triggering the largest chain. Berry Blast Plus is the best choice if you are looking for fruit-themed slot games with big jackpot. Remember, you have high chance for getting the wild symbol and get the winning combinations. As a result, you get big prizes.

Where to Play?

Berry Blast Plus is very well-known for its demo version where the players can access it freely. If you are interested in playing this fruit slot game, you can visit qq808.com or qq882.com. Those sites cooperate with the developer of the game, TopTrendGaming. Therefore, you will experience the full excitement of playing Berry Blast Plus in demo version.

Slot machines are always attractive because of the various themes and symbols and also with the online slot games with different kinds of games. Berry Blast Plus is one of the most captivating slot machine because it uses fruits as the main theme and symbol. As we know, fruit is loved by everyone, isn’t it?