Online slot game is a good invention and hundreds of developers compete to produce a good slot game with interesting features and bonus game. Basically, slot game in land based casino and online casino are similar. The main distinction is that online casino offers a good features and bonus game which can attract the bettors to play on their site. Thank to Toprend gaming which has invented The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real? Here are some information about that game.

The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?

The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?
The Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?

The Journey West Slot Game

The journey west is a slot game which developed by casino game developers Toptrend gaming. The theme is based on Chinese Mythology. You will find many Chinese cultural thing like, bamboo, prolific valley, sounds of gongs and other ancient Chinese cultural decoration. It will give you another exciting experience playing on Asian-themed slot game.

You are able to place bet starting from 0.01 Dollar to 1.00 Dollar. It shows that you can place bet on small bet or high bet.

Unique Characters

The caharacters in The journey west are unique and interesting. One of them is anthromophic pig who always accompany the monk to find pure knowledge to the west. It is hard to describe the presence of pig. He is dressed like chineseman with a stick resting threateningly over one shoulder, robe and complete Chinese hat. Even though this game offers unique character, do not forget to focus on the game instead focus on the character in the game.

Bonus Features

Offering similar bonus features like other slot game, The Journey West game provide similar bonus features like scatter symbols bonus, free spins, slot machine bonus round, and wild symbols

Wild symbol in this game is associated with aggressive monkey. The monkey will replace any symbols or value in reels except scatter symbol. Of course this symbol will lead you to win more wins. Moreover, you are able to cross over multiple lines which increase you winning chances by permitting one paving to act as many values.

Scatter Symbol Bonus give a great amount slot bonus even though it does not appear on the pay line. In the opening, there is an interesting bonus Choose Your Path Bonus app that will lead you to serious win. If you activate the feature, you have three winning chance options.  The first chance appers on reels 2 which gives five free games and three times multiplier bonus. Second chance involves on reels 3 that secure 8 free games and two times multiplier The third chance deals with reel 4 which give 15 free games and three times multiplier bonus.

Free spin is commonly offered by all slot games. This game offers 5 free spins for the lowest number. Beside free spin bonus feature, there is an incredible bonus feature, slot machine bonus round feature. This bonus allows you to get free multiple slot spins. This bonus allows you to gain win without having further risking gambling balance.

So, you wil get much benefits if you playThe Journey West Best Slot Game for Free or Real?Do not miss the chance to get many prizes on this game.


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