Have you heard what a loose slot is? It does not really represent the name, but in the other hand, loose slot will give you a definite winning, even more than just an ordinary winning. It has higher payout rather than other slot games. However, how to find a loose slot if it really exist? And how to get more chances of winnings, here it is:

How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?

How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?
How to Find a Loose Slot If It Really Exist?
  • Find the Most Appealing Slot Machine

You can do this if you go to a land-based casino and go to the slot machines area. Many bettors say to search the slot machine which is located in the center area. It means that you should search the slot machine that can be seen from any direction. Why? It is a casino’s strategy, though.

If the machine is visible from any direction, it means that it will be the center of attention. So, if bettors try the machine and win a big amount of jackpot, it will encourage other bettor to play and get the jackpot. So this machine is absolutely the loose slot machine.

  • Read Other Bettors’ Review

To find an online loose slot game is a little bit tricky. However, you always can read the review in some sites about certain online slot games. Just focus your search on the slot games with the best review on the big jackpot and the most top-played one.

Online slot games with big jackpot will definitely attract bettors’ attention, so you can also try to play the game and prove it by yourself. This is also a kind of casino’s strategy to attract more bettors to spend their money on slot game. However, if you can find this game, just stick with it and you can get the best payout. The benefit of online slot game is you do not need to take turn with other bettor. Just keep playing as long as you want.

  • Test the Payout of the Game

The benefit of online slot game that you can take for granted is the free trial version. You can search the game with the best payout. The highest payout means that it is the loose slot game. In some sites, you can get the payout information from detail explanation about the game. However, if you do not find it, you can always have some fun and explore those games, then find the best one by yourself.

In the land-based slot game, you should test the payout using some money. Just insert some money and then see how much the machine will pay you back. If the amount of money is big enough, or at least bigger than the money you spend, just stay for several turns. After some turns, if you still get good payout, then it can be concluded if the machine is the loose slot.

How to find a loose slot if it really exist? You can try those ways to find the loose slot. Maybe you will not really find the loose slot, but at least you know which slot game has bigger payout that means you can get better jackpot. So, are you ready to win some?

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