The popularity of casino game is not only in Western country but also in Asia, especially China. Therefore, you will easily find many casino games with oriental theme. Not just the oriental themes like in the slot games but also the original oriental game. It shows that China also shows its capability to create casino games. As a result, it becomes one of the most common game in casino world. Then, let’s discuss the Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know, particularly the Sic Bo and Fantan games.

Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know

Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know
Facts about Oriental Gaming Casino That You Must Know

Facts about Sic Bo

Talking about oriental game, the first thing appears in mind will be Sic Bo game. Sic Bo is a game of chance from ancient Chinese which use three dice in the gameplay. It is a casino games which is widely popular in Asia, especially Macau. Almost in any casinos in Macau, you will find Sic Bo as the top casino game. It becomes worldwide first because of Chinese immigrants in United States. Since then, it is widely known in many casinos all over the world. Up until now, it still the best oriental casino games.

In playing Sic Bo, the player will place the bet according to the provided layout on the table. Then, the dealer will shake the chest which contains the dice. Then, the dealer will shake the chest and reveal the result of the dice by opening the chest. Sic bo is a game of chance because the result of the combination is very gamble. The player will not able to guess the result of dice combination in one shot.

Facts about Fantan

Different with Sic Bo, Fantan is more similar to roulette game. Fantan is already popular for a long time ago in China. However, Fantan is not that popular nowadays but some casinos in Macau still offers this game. In playing Fantan, the casino used an ordinary table with a square marked on the middle of the table. Then, there is a square metal on it. The square side is marked with 1, 2, 3, and 4.

After that, the banker a handful of small things such as buttons, coins, or another similar thing and then covers it with metal bowl. Then, the players will place their bet on a certain number (1, 2, 3, or 4) and put their stake on the number selected side. After that, the banker will remove the bowl and remove the buttons using stick. If there are four final button, the player who bets on the number four will win the game, and so on. Then, the winning players will get the commission ranges from 5-25%.

Those are the facts and way to make money about oriental gaming casino that you must know, particularly the sic bo game and fantan game. Fantan game may seem unfamiliar for casino players since it is not as popular as Sic Bo. However, those two games show the existence of oriental gaming casino which successfully take part in the world of casino game.

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