Since the internet helps to have good and high quality gambling industry, bettors have another great option enjoying casino games. You do not need to take a trip to China or Asia to enjoy one of their casino games, like Dragon Tiger. You can do it via your laptop or mobile devices. Then, it is a good step to understand Basic Betting Strategy to win in Dragon Tiger for more playing experience.

Basic Betting Strategy to win in Dragon Tiger

Basic Betting Strategy to win in Dragon Tiger
Basic Betting Strategy to win in Dragon Tiger

Understand What Dragon Tiger Is

Dragon Tiger is a casino game which was invented in Cambodia, South East Asia. Since it is a simple table card casino game, this game gains its popularity among Asian gamblers. This game use Standard English deck card, precisely 52 cards without wild and joker cards.

Different from other casino games, bettors do not play toward the dealer. Instead, bettors should predict correctly either Tiger or Dragon possess highest card number. Even though this game has similarity with Baccarat, the banker and player have additional cards, this game has similar way to play with Casino War game where no additional cards will be drawn.

Understand How to Place Bet

Even though Dragon Tiger is an easy casino game, it does not mean that you neglect the wagering process in dragon tiger. Basically, there are basic options placing wager in this game: placing bet on Tiger or Dragon. The highest card is the winner and the other will gain loss.

However, there is two important rules which regard as important rules. First, all ace cards is the lowest card. So, it will be Aces-two-three-four-five and soon. Second, whether bettors place bet on Tiger or Dragon, tie hand will permit the house to put a half of each bet. Apart of 86.000 opportunities outcome and 6.400 opportunities on Tie, the casino edge either dragon or Tiger will be 3.73 percent. For your information the edge is higher than Baccarat and Casino War gambling game.

Place Bet on Dragon or Tiger and Avoid the Tie

Placing bet on Tiger or Dragon is the best and safest options in this game. Moreover, this option will be the good option for novice since they do not know much about the game. In simple word, placing bet on tiger and dragon is a viable option if you do not know much about strategies.

Even though the house edge is higher than Baccarat game, this option has the lowest house edge compared to other option. If you think that dragon or tiger have higher ranking card, use this option.

Even though tie give you big profits with paying 8 to 1, placing bet on the Tie is the bad step. It happens because this option has big house edge, precisely 32.77 percent. It is the biggest number from all possible wager option. Furthermore, from 86.320 winning possibilities, you only have 6.400 winning opportunities when you place bet on the Tie. In simple words, 79.872 is the losing opportunity number.

After understand Basic Betting Strategy to win in Dragon Tiger, your winning chance will be increased. Do not waste your time and chance in dragon tiger casino game.

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