If you enjoy playing roulette, you must have already been familiar with the variants of roulette tables. There are some of them. However, the most popular ones are the American and European roulette table. The difference is very simple and barely noticeable. Nevertheless, between American or European roulette – which one is better? Here are the exciting answer about that question.

American or European Roulette – Which One is Better?

American or European Roulette - Which One is Better?
American or European Roulette – Which One is Better?

The Difference between the American and European Roulette Table

Before we walk about which roulette table variant is better than the other, we certainly need to know why it is better compared to its counterpart. The European roulette table has 37 pockets due to the fact that it only has one green zero pocket. Yet, the American roulette table has an additional green pocket which is called double zero (00). Thus, this table variant has 38 pockets.

Do not underestimate the power of this single additional pocket. It is able to alter the house edge. Furthermore, the payout stays the same.

How the Additional Pocket Affects the Game’s Odds

We have established a fact that the payout of all bets remain the same no matter what kind of roulette table you use. For example, we use the 35:1 payout of a single pocket bet. Let’s consider this as your price if you win each round. It means you get 35 units of your original bet and you get your original bet back as well.

Now, let’s move to the game’s odds. As you notice in the European roulette table, your odds of winning is one in 37. Meanwhile, your odds of winning in the American roulette table is one in 38. You can see that the additional pocket also messes with the odds which make you win the game less often.

The simple modification also influences the house edge as well. The European roulette table only has a 2.7% of house edge, while the American one has a 5.26% of house edge. The difference of house edge also lowers the chance of winning as well as separating you from your cash.

What does It Mean about the House Edge?

A house edge is the percentage of the amount of cash you will lose after a certain number of bets. Thus, if the house edge is 2.7%, you will need to expect to lose $0.027 after 37 spins if you keep on placing $1 bets. You can lose more if you increase the bet size. Yet, that’s not the point. Our point is that by placing the same bet size for 38 spins, you are expected to lose $0.0526. That’s almost a double the minimum expected loss!

We can also use a different way to explain it to you. If you use about one hour to finish the 37 spins, in that period, you lost, for example, $270. Then, it will take you about only a half of hour to lose the same amount of cash. If you keep on playing for the same amount of time to complete the 38 spins, you will lose $526 during only an hour.

We think the explanations that we have provided above can give you a clear answer regarding American or European roulette – which one is better? When it comes to odds, the European roulette table is definitely better than the American one. It is not merely a random opinion. It is a fact which is back up by mathematics. However, on which table you like playing roulette is definitely your call.

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