Talking about casino game, you will never forget about dragon tiger casino game. It is included as table game for casino game which gains high popularity. Dragon tiger is similar to baccarat game however the cards are hold into tiger or dragon. Therefore, this game is quite easy compared to baccarat which has three hands. Although it is easy, you can win more easily using sneaky ways. Here are 5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game for your chances of winnings.

5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game
5 Sneaky Ways to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Betting on Tiger or Dragon

If you want to play safe and earn money, the best choice is to place the bet into either dragon or tiger hand. By betting on tiger or dragon, you do not need any strategies or using card counting to win the game. In playing dragon tiger, the house edge for dragon and tiger bets is 3.73% which is the lowest among the other possible bets. You can directly bet if you think tiger or dragon hand has higher ranking cards. Choosing these bets will pay you more money.

Using Counting Card When It Comes to Live Dragon Tiger

In playing live dragon tiger, the best and simple way to deal with the game is by keeping the card track and count the card. In other words, using counting card strategy. Thus, you need to monitor how many small or cards has been dealt, and more. You can keep the track on how many 7s have been dealt since whenever 7 is drawn, you will automatically lose the game.

Using Suit-based Strategy

Since it talks about sneaky way, suit-based strategy is very appropriate. Dragon tiger is a game where luck becomes the best factor. However, this strategy suits the best since you need to keep the track in order to know which suits that have been dealt most. It is called suit based strategy since you deal with suits.

Do Not Engage in Tie Bet

Different to baccarat game where placing bet on tie hand is a good option, in dragon tiger it is better not to choose tie bet. If you choose tie bet, you need to pay more since it pays 8 to 1. It is attractive and beneficial, if you win. However, if you lose, you lose it all. The other reason is because the house edge of tie bet is 32.77% which means the chance of winning by using this bet is small.

Disengage Betting Systems in Dragon Tiger

Some players thinks that using betting systems when playing dragon tiger is good choice since it is simple. Nevertheless, those who think that way never guarantee that they win big. So, do not easily be tricked by that thought. Just go with the game without thinking about the betting systems.

Those are 5 sneaky ways to win in dragon tiger casino game. Similar to other casino game, winning in dragon tiger game becomes the aim of all the players. Thus, those sneaky ways can be a good choice for you to win this game.

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